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Golden Solar, formerly known as Guangdong Golden Glass Technology Co., LTD., has been at the forefront of the industry since its establishment in 1994. Our commitment to excellence was further solidified in 2010 when we successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the stock code 300093, showcasing our dedication to leadership and innovation.

In 2021, Golden Solar strategically entered the photovoltaic sector, introducing cutting-edge heterojunction (HJT) technology. Leveraging the vast 210mm cell size and advanced MAXWELL cell production, we have achieved an outstanding average cell production efficiency of over 25.6%, resulting in an impressive 730W+ single solar panel power efficiency.

As we look ahead to 2024, our commitment to innovation is reinforced by the establishment of robust 6 GW HJT solar cells and 1.2 GW module intelligent manufacturing lines in Jiuquan, Gansu. Additionally, in Wujiang, Suzhou, we have successfully set up solar module production lines with a total capacity of 3.8 GW. Our unwavering dedication to professionalism ensures the delivery of enhanced profit-generating products and services, guaranteeing unparalleled customer satisfaction and financial benefit.

Furthermore, Golden Solar is expanding its footprint into upstream silicon cutting and photovoltaic glass production, delivering to strengthen a comprehensive industrial chain in the coming years. This integrated manufacturing approach strengthens our position in the industry and contributes to sustainable growth.

Golden Solar's production team, with a wealth of experience, showcases its expertise through the application of dual-sided microcrystalline technology and silver-coated copper technology in mass production. As a leading supplier of heterojunction products internationally, we have made a global impact by delivering Giga-watts of heterojunction products to clients in more than 30 countries. Our commitment to quality and innovation continues to drive our success in the renewable energy sector.

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Golden Glass is officially established
Successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Strategically entered the photovoltaic sector, focusing on the HJT technology Debuted as Golden Solar

1.2 GW solar cell production lines in Jiangsu, China
0.7 GW solar module production line in Jiangsu, China

2.4 GW solar cell production lines in Gansu, China
4 Branches based in Britain, Netherlands, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates
Global Nework

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