Corporate Culture
Golden Solar's culture and vision are not merely a marketing exercise, but rather a tangible way of working that sets the company apart and delivers reality to its vision. The company's culture and vision are internal and unique, aligned with the personal views and beliefs of its leaders.

A company culture is defined as a philosophical element that describes shared values, goals, attitudes, and initiatives that characterize an organization. Active and focused management on this cultural content has shaped the company's modus operandi, benefiting customers and employees in the short and long term.

Golden Solar’s culture focuses on fairness, inclusivity, and honesty, with each core topic being discussed in practice. The order does not indicate priority, but the first principle prevails.


Vision statements, by their very nature, tend to be nebulous, based on a dream or a hope, and in many cases almost pointless. Golden Solar's vision statement is intertwined with our culture and crucial to our goals. To capture our true vision, we distil it into four general statements. These statements are applicable within our work environment and customer interactions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of our cultural journey.

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