Golden Solar Joined in China Photovoltaic Solar High-Efficiency 740W+ Club

On March 10, Golden Solar and the other nine heterojunction manufacturers gathered in Shanghai to hold a roundtable meeting and announced the official establishment of the China Photovoltaic Solar Energy High-Efficiency 740W+ Club.

This 740W+ Club roundtable meeting brought together 10 corporate executives from the heterojunction industry chain. Through the efficient decision-making of the "head", the goals of collaborative development are clearly defined, and various links such as the efficient solar industry supply chain, branding, technology collaboration, sales market, etc. are integrated to promote the photovoltaic industry to quickly enter the 740W+ era.

In terms of sales channels and market expansion, Li Xuefeng, chairman of Golden Solar, believes that information asymmetry in the supply chain brings industry involution and affects the way forward for heterojunction. By sharing the supply chain of each enterprise in the club, and integrating resources to directly reduce costs, we can put an end to industry involution.

China Photovoltaic Solar High-Efficiency 740W+ Club will hold regular and irregular meetings, exchange activity information, and share market resources, using club activities as an important bridge and link between enterprises.

About the Club
The China Photovoltaic Solar Efficiency 740W+ Club was jointly initiated and established by leading heterojunction high-efficiency companies. The establishment of the Club will become a platform for the achievements of China's photovoltaic innovation and progress, and provide an important force for China's photovoltaic industry in highly efficient energy conversion and high-quality development of the industry.

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