Golden Solar‘s Debut at Intersolar Europe 2024, Ushering in an N-Era of Innovation

On June 19, 2024, Intersolar Europe 2024 officially opened at the New International Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany. Global solar energy solutions provider, Golden Solar, made a spectacular appearance at booth A3-470 with its HJT star products and diverse scenarios for smart energy solutions. We showcased our digital and intelligent development achievements in the field of new energy PV, drawing great attention from the industry.

As a regular exhibitor at Intersolar Europe, Golden Solar has been dedicated to developing efficient energy products. While focusing on technological innovation, the company has maintained its commitment to high reliability. Golden Solar’s HJT series of solar PV products have passed the latest version of the IEC61215-2021 & IEC61730-2023 certification tests, and have also obtained MCS certification in the UK and the Top Performer award. The company has also updated certifications in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

Golden Solar closely follows the development trends of the European market, taking user needs as the starting point and market research results as the breakthrough point. We exhibited efficient heterojunction PV modules of various models including 144, 132, 108B, and 120, covering multiple scenarios. All products use dual-side technology, offering longer life cycles, lower degradation rates, and higher returns. Taking the JGND-132 series of new efficient heterojunction PV modules as an example, the module products use dual-side microcrystalline heterojunction cells produced independently at the Jiuquan base, with the highest mass production batch average efficiency increased to 26%. The modules support higher power output by combining damage-free cutting and SMBB technology. Coupled with the light conversion film packaging process, the modules achieve shorter current transmission distances, fewer resistance losses, and higher efficiency. The bifacial rate even reaches over 90%, highlighting the differentiated advantages of the products and meeting the application requirements of photovoltaic power stations in various scenarios.

At the exhibition, Golden Solar’s efficient heterojunction PV modules won over many fans with their lower BOS costs, higher power generation capabilities per watt, superior PID and LID performance, and significant low-temperature coefficient performance. Many domestic and international distributors and customers visited the Golden Solar booth A3-470 to observe, inquire, and discuss. Vice President of Marketing at Golden Solar, Song Ye, stated, “The European market is a strategic high ground for Golden Solar’s overseas expansion and an important part of our global strategic layout. While consolidating and expanding our presence in the existing European PV market, Golden Solar fully implements new development concepts and builds a new development pattern. By collaborating with leading inverter and energy storage solution providers, we further explore new market opportunities and fully expand into new application markets including but not limited to, innovative carports. We also respond to industry and corporate development realities by rapidly initiating and developing new projects to effectively alleviate market risks and fluctuations. In addition, we are about to apply our product on elevated roads.”

Beyond the exhibition, Golden Solar has also continuously established brand momentum. It is reported that the first authorized 4.5MW Dorheim agricultural PV project, in which Golden Solar participated throughout, obtained the construction permit in just four months, exemplifying the “Golden Solar Speed”. Currently, the agricultural PV project is about to conclude the testing phase and is ready to enter the market.

In the process of empowering the global energy transition, Golden Solar will always be committed to providing users with more cutting-edge clean energy solutions. The development of more efficient and lower-cost photovoltaic technology products, represented by the “Hercules” HJT module, as its core mission, Golden Solar contributes the “N-era Power” to a greener and better future for humanity by taking practical actions to advance the energy industry towards higher development latitudes.

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