Towards Light, Towards the Future! Successful Conclusion of Golden Solar Egypt Product Launch Event

Recently, the Golden Solar HJT Product Promotion Conference was successfully held in Cairo, Egypt. Local photovoltaic industry experts, scholars, corporate representatives, and customers from various sectors of the industry gathered together to discuss the future development trends of the photovoltaic industry and witness the innovative achievements and brand strength of Golden Solar as a leading global provider of photovoltaic turnkey solutions.

At the conference, the overseas sales director of Golden Solar expressed sincere welcome and gratitude to the partners, investors, distributors, and media friends who attended. The company’s product quality management director briefly introduced the company history, business scope, project operation, and development strategy of Golden Solar, and gave a detailed explanation of the advantages, characteristics, and application scenarios of the company’s products by combining the experimental data of the company’s high-efficiency heterojunction products in the Cairo region of Egypt, such as the power generation revenue of large-scale ground power stations and rooftop projects, as well as BOS and LCOE costs. Experts, scholars, and customers from the photovoltaic industry fully affirmed the performance and quality of Golden Solar’s products and showed high expectations for further cooperation.

Subsequently, local customers and the company’s technical team discussed and exchanged ideas on sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry, focusing on Golden Solar’s local sales, Tier 1, HJT technology advantages, bifacility, low irradiation income calculation methods, certification testing of offshore photovoltaic modules, testing for salt mist, ammonia, desert sand, and dust, material differences of frames, glass surface treatment, and calculation logic of simulated revenue at power stations in Egypt.

As a region with the most abundant sunlight resources in the world, Africa has nearly 60% of the world’s solar energy resources. Among them, Egypt has emerged as the largest photovoltaic market in Africa due to its unique geographical resources. In recent years, the Egyptian government has actively promoted the development of solar energy, successively issued the “2035 Comprehensive Energy Strategy” and the “National Climate Strategy 2050”, and proposed that the installed capacity of renewable energy will reach 61 million kilowatts by 2035, and the proportion of solar power generation in the energy structure will reach 22%. As the first African country to establish diplomatic relations with China and one of the first countries to join the “Belt and Road”, the Egyptian photovoltaic market is of great importance to Golden Solar.

Golden Solar and EIM successfully held a cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony at the conference. The overseas sales director of Golden Solar expressed, “Golden Solar always pays attention to the innovation and development of new energy technologies. This cooperation with EIM will make full use of the industrial chain advantages of both parties, seize the favorable opportunities of photovoltaic technology iteration and industrial cycle, and provide high-quality photovoltaic products and services to customers in Egypt, as well as more extensive regions in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. We will contribute to the high-quality development of the photovoltaic industry and the global energy transformation.”

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